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Shanghai Care-Kerchief Environment Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015 with the registered capital in amount of thirty millions

CNY, located in the Shanghai International Enterprise Central(SIEC), adjoins the Shanghai National Export Processing Zone. Relying on a

powerful teamwork and non-woven advanced material industry and on the basis of research, development, marketing, core components 

production, we supply high-tech eco-friendly electrical equipments and automatic household appliances now and in the future. Our core

team spent a ten years on the innovation and R&D of the Fresh Wet Towel Machine for raising quality&standard of people’s healthy lives.

Care-Kerchief is the creator of Fresh Wet Towel Machine in China. Our developed HARO brand Fresh Wet Towel Machine helps filling the 

void in the market all over the world, overturn wet wipes and catering towel technology, has tens of national patents technology. Since

from establishment company grows supernormally with collective operation, Care-Kerchief is the headquarter, subsidiary company include

Shanghai HARO Environment Technology Co., Ltd.,  Beijing Fangjin Media Consultancy Co., Ltd.,  Shanghai HARO Non-Woven Industrial 

Co., Ltd. and new founded Care-Kerchief Fresh Wet Towel Machine Research Institution. We have a plan to build 30 market institutions

and 1000 regional sales service stations in three years. Our core team is committed to innovation and development of the new hardware

and Internet Plus with Internet thinking, create a fair competition environment, focus on the customer service, keep mutually-beneficial

management philosophy and win-win cooperation, provide more eco-friendly, convenient, healthy products and service to our customers.

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